Think beyond what exists.


What we offer


Engineering and Design Support

  • Electrical - Power Systems, Electronics, PCB Development

  • Mechanical - Complex Systems, Computer Aided Design, Part Creation

  • Civil - Structural Evaluation, Site Layout

Technical Writing (Articles, Blogs, Proposals)

Product Commercialization Strategy

  • Prototype to Product Transitioning, Design for Manufacturing, Supply Chain Logistics


“SPEC delivers on our expectations where design, development, and previous project experiences are leveraged into marketing that highlights our expertise” - Aaron Bennett PE, Owner of Criterium-Bennett Engineers

Our guiding principles


Importance of Ideation

SPEC strives to offer creative solutions that operate at the ideal interface between science and society, focusing on customer key challenges, such as cost, resources, or manufacturabilty, either at the concept development or value engineering phase of a project.


Process Driven Decisions

SPEC seeks to enhance company wide initiatives and operations through process driven work flow and metrics-based outcomes.


Playing to Strengths

SPEC helps lift the burden of non-core engineering activities to free up engineering hours for critical project tasks allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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